Edit Ballai is a Concept Artist and Designer working in the Film and Entertainment Industry, focusing on environment and architectural concepts and world-building. She has contributed to several exciting projects, TV shows, and game developments. 

Since her early childhood, Edit has loved to create imaginary worlds, and as a child she spent most of her time writing novels and illustrating them. She is a natural storyteller who loves to add details to the scene to increase the richness of the narrative elements.

Edit Ballai's lifelong love of telling stories through concept art began at a young age. Influenced by the massive, brutalist architecture of European countries, her work showcases the connection between moody environments and nature. By studying under various professional artists and international schools, she honed her skills in 3D and digital painting.

Like most artists, she's interested in many different areas of creation: in addition to concept art and storytelling, Edit also enjoys character development and world building to help evolve existing characters and storylines. She enjoys writing descriptions, notes in separate document of the world, factions, characters and history as a resource and doing research gathering and documentation.

When she is not working on client projects, she likes to work on her dystopian sci-fi novel and artbook.


Artist of the Month by Autodesk in 2021
1st place in Gnomon Workshop Image challenge (2020 December)
Finalist in Kitbash3D Contest, 2019
The Top 25 Most Exciting 3D Artists by Creativepool, 2020


Matte Painting Course Vancouver Animation School
3D Graphics & Animation Certificate
Autodesk Authorized Training Center
3D Graphics & Animation Certificate
SAE Institute Amsterdam