Edit Ballai




Edit Ballai is a concept artist/environment artist with more than 7 years of experience in game design, animation, and TV commercials. She is currently working as a 3D artist focusing on concept art, photo-realistic digital environments, and texture painting. She has contributed to many exciting projects, TV ads, and independent ad campaigns. When she is not working on client projects, she likes to work on her own personal projects.

Her clients include Laundry Studio, Adobe, SpilGames, Zoho Animation Studio, Spil Games, Not To Scale Animation Studio, and many more. 

Since her early childhood, Edit loved to create imaginary worlds, and as a kid, she spent most of her time writing novels and illustrating them. She always loved imagining stories, even fictive or based on truth, and adding her own details to the story. She is a natural-born storyteller who loves to add details to the scene, to increase the richness of storytelling elements.

Like most of the artists, she's interested in many different areas of creation: besides concept art and world-building and storytelling, Edit also enjoys character development, world building for games as writer for games: to write and iterate on compelling,character-building dialogue contribute to the further development of existing characters and storylines. She likes to write descriptions, notes in separate document of the world, factions, characters, and history as resource and doing research gathering and documentation.

Between works, she even tries to find some time to continue working on her pet project: a dystopian sci-fi book.

'2318:Rebirth' (original IP) - Artbook and Novel coming soon.


- Short story publications since 1996.
- Several artworks have been featured at the Autodesk conference, in 2022.
- Recent talk at the School of Design & 3D Digital Design at RIT about Concept Design, Storytelling, IP Development, and Digital Matte Painting. (October 2022)
- Artist of the Month article, AREA Autodesk, November 2021
- Interview with 3DTotal, 2021
- Interview with Fabrik, 2021
- Featured in ImagineFX, October 2021
- Final judge at Rookie Awards since 2019.
- Featured in 3dTotal's "Top 50 Environment Concepts from 2018'
- Interview - Photoshop Creative Magazine, issue 142. (2016. February)
- Photoshop 25th Anniversary Spot, February 2015