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2318: Rebirth, Part 6.

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2318: Rebirth, Part 6.

2318: Rebirth, part 6.

It's a kinda experiment project...
It is going to be a dystopian series, that plays in the year 2318.

'Suddenly she stopped talking and looked at me. In the greenish light of the setting sun, her eyes seemed to get darker yet shinier by every passing minute like a bottomless pit with some water glistening at the bottom on a starry night.

“You can’t stay here, you know. The passport you got, can be – and will be - tracked down.”

Of course, I knew that the passport that I borrowed from that unfortunate woman in the basement, was not an ideal solution, and probably going to get me in trouble. My level of anxiety started to build up again.

“You have to get out of Utopia as soon as possible. If you stay here, they will find you and take you back to the Institute, and that's the end of it all.”
The strange light had come back into her eyes, and a shadow of a smile ran through her face as she grabbed my hand.

“For a very long time, we weren’t sure if it’s going to work or not… For fifty years we tried to communicate and wake you through your dreams, but we got very little brain activity from you as a response. Now that you’re here, you have to go and find the way out."

I still had questions, but we did not have time; she handed me the car keys and said:

"Just follow the tower."
“Which tower?”
“You’ll know.”