2318:Rebirth, Part 3. -

2318:Rebirth, Part 3.

2318: Rebirth - PART 3.

Dystopian series, plays in the year of 2318.

"The room where I’m living at the moment - or I'd rather say, I’m hiding - is quite cramped and cold, the walls are moldy, but at least I got a little time before they find the house. The heavy and antique wardrobe is now safely blocking the main entrance, but it’s just a temporary solution. As soon as I can, I must find a new way to communicate with Theo again. He is my contact with the other side, and my only hope to survive - which, to be honest, I hardly doubt that I will or can.

I made some space on the desk that is facing the window, so I can keep an eye on the front yard. Behind the desk, I found some really old portraits in antique frames, so old, that the surface was cracked by the teeth of the time. The portraits seemed somehow familiar to me, although it’s highly unlikely that I have ever seen or heard about these people, they must be dead for decades, probably before the virus outbreak. Yet, I can’t stop looking at them, because I have some kind of memories about them from my dreams – but it still doesn’t explain the fact that the portraits were faceless. It almost looked like someone wiped the facial features away so these portraits cannot be recognizable anymore, but I still felt very much connection with them and felt like I saw them before."