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2318:Rebirth, Part 5.

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2318:Rebirth, Part 5.

2318: Rebirth - PART 5.

It's a kinda experiment project.
It is going to be a dystopian series, that plays in the year 2318.

"She starred into the distance with those peculiar, familiar eyes.

“I know a place where you can go. Some of my people will wait for you there. They will take care of you, and accompany you for a while - not for long, they can’t leave Utopia: they are all registered and we don’t want any unwanted attention from the Institute if they get too far from their district. But they can come with you for a while.”

Suddenly, like a flashlight, a recent memory (of a dream) popped up in my head, followed by her words. The memory was so intense, so thick, that I was almost able to touch it. I almost fell completely into the sweet fog of memories but Aunt Aliva grabbed my arm and brought me back to reality.

“We don’t have time for this now. Did you hear that?”

I looked around and tried to hear something, but not sure what.

“The shooting. It gets closer.”